Monday, 5 September 2011


The reality series which follows talented young Gaels on a journey of discovery returns to our screens on BBC ALBA.

‘BREAB’ (‘Kick’) which was shortlisted in the Young People category of this year’s Celtic Media Festival, is back for a fourth series and will provide an exciting insight into the lives of six young Gaels as they gather to face an array of challenging tasks.

The series features six, fresh young Gaelic speaking teenagers from all over Scotland as they spend two action packed weeks together in both town and country locations.

In the latest series, the teens skid into action with go-karting; get hot in the kitchen with a cookery challenge and face physical obstacles when they ‘go country’ facing outdoor pursuits and the prospect of sleeping under the stars for a night.

Can the six also handle the heat when they are faced with the challenge of being fire-fighters for the day, and we get to see the drama-queens amongst the group shine during the acting challenge on the River City set.

In their final challenge the six ‘Breabsters’ head to Perthshire to face a 40ft bungee drop, and with the cameras rolling, will they all make the leap?

The chosen six teenagers, from auditions that took place throughout Scotland, are:

· Katie aged 17 from Skye - Katie just loves to talk! When she isn't talking, she is yawning. She is a laid back, chilled out girl who loves photography, walking, hanging out with her friends and going to music festivals. She loves all types of music but her musical hero is Bruce Springsteen. She describes herself as “full of fun, always laughing and willing to give anything a try”.

· Annemarie aged 16 from Barra - Annemarie is a chilled out happy go lucky islander. Her great passion is dancing and when she isn't dancing, she loves to get out running on Barra. She thinks there is nowhere better in the world than her island. She loves hanging out with her friends on the beach and enjoys a good gossip over a cup of tea. She describes herself as “bossy, sporty, confident and happy but my dad made me admit to also being lazy”.

· Catriona aged 17 from Inverness - Catriona is an accomplished step dancer and loves dancing and singing with her friends. She is fun loving and is always playing pranks on her friends. She plays an active part in a local radio station and one day would love to work in the media. She describes herself as “bossy at home, fun, crazy but also nice”.

· Carwyn aged 16 from Aberdeen - Carwyn, at 6' 5" is the tallest of all the ‘Breabsters’. Playing Rugby league for Scotland and skateboarding with friends makes him happiest! He also loves being out and about in his hometown of Aberdeen and relishes heading down to the recording studio to jam with his mates in his band in which he plays the bass guitar. He describes himself as “funny, interesting and sporty”.

· Gordon aged 16 from Lewis - Gordon is the sporty ‘Breabster’, playing football in his hometown of Stornoway for the local U16s and U18s team, describing himself as a fast but not very accurate striker. He also takes part in the local athletics team where he trains weekly. When he isn't busy at sport, he loves chilling out in Bernera where he grew up. He heads out with his fishing rod though he admits he isn't always so good at catching anything. He says there is no better place than the island of Lewis and would describe himself as “sporty, loves a good laugh and can get very competitive at sport”.

· Daniel aged 15 from Mallaig - Daniel at 15 is the youngest of the ‘Breabsters’ - but certainly not the quietest! He loves hanging out in the beautiful countryside around Mallaig with his friends and he cooks up a storm where he works in the kitchen of a local restaurant. He isn't sure what he wants to do when he leaves school, but would love to make lots of money! He describes himself as “pretty laid back and loves getting the craic with his mates”.

Speaking Gaelic is the one thing they all have in common and the level of fluency is mixed but Breab represents real teens growing up in rural and urban Scotland with Gaelic being taught in school or spoken in the home. Katie, Catriona, Gordon, Carwyn, Annemarie and Daniel are a real inspiration to young learners and native speakers alike.

Can they kick it, will there be tears and will they get on? Find out as ‘BREAB’ starts broadcasting weekly, over six weeks, on BBC ALBA starting Wednesday 31st August at 6.05pm.

BREAB has been produced by BBC Gàidhlig for BBC ALBA.