Tuesday, 18 October 2011


BBC ALBA Monday 24 October, 9pm

The mental health condition, Bipolar has become increasingly known in recent years with many celebrities and public figures talking openly about the illness.

In a moving documentary as part of BBC ALBA’s Trusadh series, Suas is sìos nam Inntinn : Bipolar & Me, Rhoda Meek (29) who has strong family links to the Island of Tiree but now lives in the Glasgow area, takes viewers on a personal journey providing an insight into living with the illness as well as exploring the many stigmas that those with mental health problems experience.

Hearing from others who have experienced mental health problems, Rhoda learns how they have managed to cope with difficulties. Amongst those that she speaks to is her father, Professor Donald Meek, as well as the psychologist Dr Rachel MacLeod.

Rhoda Meek has suffered from depression since she was a teenager. At 19 she was a presenter on the children’s programme, Dè a-nis? Bubbly and with a ‘give anything a go’ attitude, you would never have known that beneath the surface, she was battling with depression through these years.

Two years ago, Rhoda found herself having intense mood swings, going from being in a great mood to becoming extremely irritable, it was then she was diagnosed with Bipolar II disorder.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, mental health issues affect 1 in 4 people, however, despite this high prevalence, Rhoda is all too aware of the fear that often surrounds the illness.

The programme will look at how difficult it is for people to accept that they, or a family member, are experiencing mental health problems, and how hard it is to acknowledge and to speak out.

Produced by MacTV for BBC ALBA ‘Trusadh: Suas is sìos nam Inntinn : Bipolar & Me’ will be broadcast on Monday 24 October at 9pm.