Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Funding to Support Health Improvement Activities in Argyll and Bute


Argyll and Bute CHP is committed to improving the health of the people in Argyll and Bute in partnership with other public sector bodies such as Argyll and Bute Council and Strathclyde Police, and with the Third Sector.

Argyll and Bute CHP is delighted to announce that it is continuing to fund local health improvement initiatives throughout the area. A total of £71,556 will be made available and this will be distributed as follows:

Mid Argyll
Oban and the Isles
South Kintyre

This funding is for activities to improve the health of the population such as increasing participation in physical activity, promoting sensible alcohol consumption and promoting mental health and well-being. Priority will be given to initiatives that can demonstrate that they are reducing health inequalities, that means, focusing on the people who are most in need, for example deprived communities that are most likely to experience poor health.

Funding can be accessed by joining a Local Public Health Network and completing an application form.

There are 7 Networks in Argyll and Bute that give organisations with a remit for health improvement the opportunity to work together to plan joint activities. Lorna Alquist, the co-ordinator from Bute said:

'The Local Public Health Networks are a great way of getting a wide range of people together to share opportunities and resources and look at local need. We decide together on funding local initiatives that make a difference to people's health. The Green Gym and health walks are great examples of the things that we do to improvement the health of our community.'

Alison McGrory, Health Improvement Principal from Argyll and Bute CHP said:

‘The Networks are essential in helping us to build capacity in the workforce to improve the health of our population. The NHS is committed to health improvement but this is something that as many of us as possible should buy into because a healthier Argyll and Bute is in everyone’s best interest.

Argyll and Bute is fortunate in having the ability to provide a Health Improvement Grant Fund and it provides an excellent opportunity for lots of different types of agencies, including voluntary organisations, to access financial assistance to support their activities.’